• Minnay Educational DVDs and Video engages in production of more video courses for Allied Health, Nursing and Medical fields. Thanks for comments from students national wide and tireless efforts of our instructors. DVDs on the pipeline include Pharmacology, Nursing Physical Assessment, Immunology, Biology, and Other Nursing courses.  More Here            --July 08

  • Microbiology DVDs and  Videos completed for all lecture series of 28 Topics, very powerful and necessary for college and university students in requiring the course for the program of study in Nursing,  and other fields. More Here                                    --June 08

  • Minnay Institute of Health Sciences is working towards accreditation and opening traditional programs in Allied Health and Nursing Fields is several states and overseas.         --Mar 08

  • CNA (Certified Nurse Aide I) Program is complete and students can challenge the exams anywhere in USA, the package includes a set of Six DVDs and online virtual classroom that is self paced. So far students in different states find it very useful. More Here.                 --Feb 08

  • VISION-a powerful inspirational book of how on climbing a career ladder in the health care from being a CNA, LPN, RN and currently working her way to Nurse Practitioner. This book has the maximum students rating with feedback indicating boosted morale and encouragement to lots of people starting their career in the health field. The book lays out ways to become successful as an independent student and how to study more efficiently. Table of Content here and  More Here        --Jan 08

  • PathoPhysiology Class, thanks for students suggestions and course developers, the college/undergraduate level Pathophysiology course is completed and currently has enrolled more than 450 students. This fast, effective course helps students master core pathophysiological concepts  from cells injury, inflammation, disease process, infectious diseases, systematic disease processes for all body systems and many more. It will help you get the best possible grade; It breaks down the chapters to simple terms which can finally be the light bulb you're looking for when dealing with complicated pathological concepts. More Here           --Aug 07